Essay 2 Thesis & Outline

For Monday, please turn in a typed, one-page document, properly formatted (a header with your name, my name, class name, date) and a running header on the upper right) that includes:

1) A thesis that states your main point: How Stevenson uses rhetorical appeals (or means of persuasion) to accomplish his purpose, and how successful he is in using these appeals.

(Note: You can focus just on the Introduction, or on Chapter One, or Chapter Two, or Chapter Three, or a mix of any of these.)

For example, you can write about how he uses ethos, pathos and logos.

Or you can just write about how he uses one means of persuasion (pathos, for example), and show three examples of how he uses that strategy in the book.

Note: You can use the term means of appeal or rhetorical appeals. Either one is acceptable. (The word appeal means how the author is trying to persuade or move or convince the reader.)

2) An outline of your body paragraphs:

Three or four bullet points (or topic sentences) that explain:

which rhetorical appeal each body paragraph will discuss

how the example illustrates Stevenson’s use of that appeal in the book

and how the appeals to the reader contribute to Stevenson’s purpose

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