Revision strategies for Essay 1 final draft

Here are some revision strategies for your final draft:

Highlight your thesis statement. Does your thesis clearly indicate the generalization about Luma that your examples support?

If not, revise your thesis so that it fits with your examples.

Does the organization of your essay line up with your thesis statement?

If not, revise either your thesis or your body paragraphs so your organization is logical and clear.

Reread your examples in your body paragraphs.

Is each one representative and specific of the quality you are discussing in that paragraph?

If not, cut the examples that don’t connect with your thesis. Brainstorm/reread the book to find more representative examples.

Include more details (quotations, summaries, paraphrases from the book).

Underline the topic sentence of each body paragraph.

Does each paragraph have a topic sentence? Does each topic sentence clearly make a point that the examples in that paragraph illustrate?

If not, add a topic sentence to clearly indicate the point the examples illustrates.

Reread your introduction and conclusion. Is each effective?

If not, revise your intros and conclusions so they clearly connect back to your thesis statement.

Revise your introduction so you introduce the reader to the book, the author, and the topic of the essay.

Revise your conclusion so you remind your reader of your thesis statement and bring your essay to a close.

Check your essay for spelling, grammar, clarity and punctuation errors.

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