Model MLA essay format

February 5, 2019

Sample MLA Essay Format_MLA 8th Ed.

“Introduction” to Outcasts United

February 5, 2019

Attached below is a scanned PDF of the book’s introduction, for students who are unable to purchase a copy of the book in the first two weeks. (But all students are required to buy the book for the semester.)


List of Revision Symbols

September 7, 2018

Below is a list of revision symbols that I use when I give feedback to your essay drafts. I use these symbols as shorthand. (There’s also a list of these symbols in the back of your Pocket Style Manual.)

A check mark next to a sentence or a paragraph means “Good” or “Excellent”

add   Add word

agr   Agreement

awk  Awkward

cap  capitalize

cs  comma splice

dm  dangling modifier

ds   double space

-ed  -ed ending

frag  fragment

fs  fused sentence

ital   italics

lc   lower case

^    insert  (comma, period, semi-colon, etc.)

;    semi-colon

:    colon

” ”  quotation marks

?   Confusing or awkward

¶  New paragraph

pn agr  pronoun agreement

run-on (or ro)   run-on

ref  pronoun reference

sv agr  subject-verb agreement

tense  verb tense/tense shift

//   faulty parallelism

X   cut

#  insert space

[ ]  brackets

( )  parentheses







Welcome to English 101!

January 14, 2018

Welcome to English 101 at West Los Angeles College. Here are the two books we will be reading this semester:


Outcasts United by Warren St. John



Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson